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In iron and steel sector, not only in our country but also in foreign countries, there are big problems from time to time and these problems are common for many countries. For example, overcapacity, insufficient domestic and foreign demand and technological modernization requirements of enterprises are common problems for all enterprises.

Another requirement in the iron and steel industry is surveillance services such as quantity and quality surveillance, product production control, raw material quality determination, steel scrap quality determination, weighbridge surveillance and radioactivity measurement. International surveillance and inspection organizations also provide a number of control and surveillance services for businesses operating in the iron and steel industry. In this way, in case of any dispute between the parties, the inspection and audit reports issued by the auditors are definitive proof. And it is accepted all over the world.

Our company, TKA provides these services with a strong staff and technological infrastructure. In this context, the main iron and steel products surveillance services provided by our organization include:

-Quantity and quality monitoring

-Product production control

-Pre-installation surveillance

-Overseeing loading / evacuation

-Steel scrap quality determination

-Raw material quality determination

-Tally / weighbridge supervision

-Draft survey

-Measurement of radioactivity


-Supervising the analysis

-Damage monitoring

-Sealing / Unsealing

Our services provide you with the control and peace of mind you need, so you can focus on maximizing your business profitability

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