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A draft survey is a means of determining the weight of cargo on board the vessel, where the displacement of the water before and after (un)loading is measured, with the resulting difference representing the weight of the designated cargo.

A survey is performed by reading the vessel’s draft markings at six standard points on the hull: forward, mid-ship and towards both the port and starboard sides. Revisions for factors such as trim, water density and non-cargo weight (such as fuel oil and drinking water) are changed before calculating the cargo weight change.

Our highly-qualified professionals have extensive experience in this service and are available 24/7 to perform a draft survey and produce an independent report using the “TKA Draft Survey Software System”, based on the internationally standardized draft survey protocol. This programmers calculates the loaded or discharged weight and a signed quantity agreement will be handed over to the chief officer with the draft survey report sent to the relevant parties.

When draft surveys are initiated by independent surveyors, co-operation of the ship’s officers is essential. Independent surveys should be undertaken together, during the relative survey sections, with the vessel’s chief officer and chief engineer or their appointed deputies.

At TKA, we use our inspection and supervision expertise to support our clients. we offer customers an unparalleled perspective to ensure sustainable added value.

Our services provide you with the control and peace of mind you need, so you can focus on maximizing your business profitability

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