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General Attitude of Inspections

TKA offers pre-shipment inspection services for all classes of dangerous goods being offered for transport, regardless of the mode. From pre-shipment to export, we inspect and certify that your goods are compliant throughout the transportation process. TKA NOT ONLY inspects but prepares the transport document to ensure your goods are in accordance with the applicable transportation regulations. Our inspections provide risk commentary, damage investigations, verification for consideration as well as regulatory compliance verification at local and international levels. All our cargo inspection services meet global industry standards.

By maintaining your compliance with governmental regulations with TKA you are ensured that your cargo will reach your customers quickly and in peak condition. TKA not only classifies, packs, and documents dangerous goods in accordance with applicable regulations but, also assumes all relevant legal liability thereof. TKA carries comprehensive liability insurance policies which allow TKA to be shown as the shipper on behalf of the actual shipper on the shipper’s declaration for dangerous goods. Contact us now to find out how our cargo inspection services can support efficiency in your operations.

Our services provide you with the control and peace of mind you need, so you can focus on maximizing your business profitability

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